Saturday, June 14, 2008

Still working with tiny pieces....

I had trouble downloading the picture for "Tiny Pieces" so here it is.....

These are my buds. The start of them, anyway. There is the green part for the base yet. They look really pretty (at least in my opinion) when they are done.

I've been working at improving my applique skills and trying some really difficult things. In comparison, these tiny pieces seem easy.
Here is one appliqued down. The stems are finishing at 1/8 inch, and I'm really pleased with everything. It looks a little uneven right now, but I haven't pressed any of the applique yet.
This is what my oldest is making. If I could get it one here without the black lines, you could see how truly beautiful it is.
The youngest got hold of the camera again.... This is what he did. He took another picture of himself.... and the mess behind him... What can I say, We live here, folks.

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Anonymous said...

Your rose buds are awesome and I really admire you for working with such tiny pieces.